Thursday, 14 March 2013

Proteus Library For Arduino

Proteus is a very powerful tool in simulating microcontroller codes and Arduino is a very famous microcontroller platform but in Proteus there is no model for Arduino. In this post I am going to show how to add Proteus Library for Arduino and how to use it in simulation.

How to add the Arduino Proteus library

1- First of all you have to download the Proteus library from the following link: CLICK HERE (Note: The download link has been removed due to copyright materials. If you want to download Proteus library for Arduino you can search Google for it)
2- After downloading the file. Extract it and then copy the two files ARDUINO.IDX and ARDUINO.LIB and paste them in the following path:
Drive C >> Program Files >> Labcenter Electronics >> Proteus 7 Professional >> LIBRARY
3- Then open your Proteus and in the pick device wizard search for Arduino you will get the following results.

Now, I am going to show you how to add Arduino codes to Proteus.

How to add the Arduino codes to Proteus

Proteus use the .hex file to simulate microcontroller codes but since the Arduino IDE uses .pde or .ino files, you can't add the Arduino code directly to Proteus. To add Arduino code to Proteus, follow these easy steps:

1- Write your code using Arduino IDE and press verify icon to check the code for errors. Then save your code and name it.
2- Then, from the tools choose your board type (UNO, MEGA,....)
3- After that, press the upload icon and wait .... it will give you an error because the board is not connected to your PC. It's OK leave it.
4- The hex file will be located in the following path:
** NOTE ** you have to activate (Show hidden files,folders and drives) 
Drive C >> Users >> " the name of your PC " >> AppData >> Local >> Temp
5- Search for you code with the name you used in saving and you will find a file named "filename.cpp.hex" copy this file in any place (for example Desktop)
6- Return to Proteus and double click on your Arduino kit and then add the .hex file.

That's all. Now you can run your simulation. If you got any problems, please feel free to write to me in a comment and I will answer you as soon as possible.

You can download this tutorial in PDF format from the following link: CLICK HERE

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  1. in arduino ide v1.0.1, check box at File->preferences->Compilation then arduino ide show your hex file location.

  2. Excelentes librerías de Arduino los voy a utilizar en mi website, siempre con su autorización y permiso. saludos

    Ing. Bryam Huamanchumo Baca

  3. thank you for using and enjoying the componete created by me!

    1. O link ta fora, como consigo baixar.

    2. you can search google to download the library

  4. Thankz from Brazil!

  5. I have a problem on STEP 4 to find this:_
    Drive C >> Users >> " the name of your PC " >> AppData >> Local >> Temp

    Please help.tq

    1. you have to activate (Show hidden files,folders and drives)

  6. is it possible to upload directly from arduino to proteus using serial communication (COMPORT)?

    1. you can send and receive data form arduino to proteus but i think you can't upload programs to arduino from proteus

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  8. você pode copiar o arquivo hex na ide do Arduíno desta forma
    selecione o arquivo hex apos a compilação de de um ctrl +c
    e depois clica em cima do arduino aberto no proteus e no lugar da pasta de um ctrl +v e pronto é so simular

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