Thursday, 26 July 2012

Arduino Simulator

Simulator for Arduino is the most full featured Arduino Simulator available at the present time
The benefits and features of an Arduino Simulator are:
  • The ability to teach and demonstrate the inner workings of an Arduino sketch
  • Test out a sketch without the hardware, or prior to purchasing hardware
  • Debug a sketch

Download the free version below with a short delay timer on loading a sketch, and when ready upgrade to the Pro Version. Simulator for Arduino Pro Version is currently used in Many countries over six continents. The download consists of a zip file containing a setup.exe file which installs an exe file, help files, images and examples. It is designed for the Arduino Uno or Mega and does the following:
  • Steps through the program line by line. If a new line is selected, the program will continue from that point.
  • Performs digitalWrite, digitalRead and PinMode for pins 0-53
  • analogRead for pins 0-16 and analogWrite for digital pins 0-53
  • Emulates Serial, LCD output, Ethernet, Servo, SD card, EEPROM, SoftSerial,SPI, Wire
  • If,while,for,switch, do whileloop functionality
  • Subroutines (multi-level) with arguments
  • View variables in real-time
  • Step Into, Step Over, Step Out of or Run mode
  • Ability to edit sketch or open in Arduino IDE
  • Tabs for separate files in the sketch
  • Context-sensitive help
  • 2 and 4 line LCD support only with improvised CGRAM
  • 2 dimensional arrays (without initialisation)
  • BreakPoint now with a conditional option
  • load custom libraries automatically after setting the Library Directory
  • Change the font, size and style of the Simulator
  • Advanced watch for easy variable viewing
  • Minimize mode for demo/training
  • Limited support for custom libraries
  • Limited support for pointer and structures
 here is a datasheet for how to use the simulator :
simulator for arduino datasheet

Download the Latest free version here

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  1. This is a great tool to use arduino without having it. Keep writing, I look forward to reading more articles from you.
    - GuruCanggih -

  2. not good as proteus library for arduino.....:/

  3. Please note the new webpage (after the domain was transferred to the Arduino team) :

    1. thanks to your comment and the link is updated

  4. from where i can get it, secondly i do have, proteous library for arduino but, how can i check the programs related to serial monitors, serial comunication etc..!! please!!

  5. please email me if u got any way to help me out..!! waiting thanx..

    1. use proteus arduino simulator, it's better
      you can search google for download and to know how to use it, see this link:

  6. Proteus is an AVR Simulator which is in a different class. It cannot single step an Arduino sketch so is not really an Arduino Simulator. It does look pretty neat and is definitely worth trying.

    Simulator for Arduino is the the best and really the only Arduino Simulator available